5 Benefits of Running in the Morning for Mental Health

One type of exercise that is mostly done in the morning is running or jogging. The benefits of running in the morning actually provide many benefits for mental health. The cool morning air coupled with a calm atmosphere is often used by some people to exercise. Because, running in the morning is very easy and cheap. The following are some of the benefits of running in the morning for mental health:

Mental Health

1. Reduces Depression

Many problems can cause depression, but what we don’t know is that a healthy body can also be healthy for our mind. The first benefit of running for mental health is that it can reduce depression. Chemicals produced naturally in the body flood the bloodstream and travel to the brain. It provides a short-term feeling that can relieve stress and promote calm.

2. Improve Sleep Quality

Not only does the body become healthy, but sleep is also sound and the result is that the body’s energy is well maintained. Running in the morning also turns out to be able to make sleep better quality. For people with insomnia, exercising in the morning can improve sleep quality. Insomnia sufferers also feel sleep more soundly than usual. Therefore, the habit of running in the morning can be a solution when you have trouble sleeping.

3. Reduce Anxiety

One exercise that is considered to be able to help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression is running. When you start running, your body will go through a transition period. Breathing becomes heavier and perhaps your heart beats faster as it sends oxygenated blood to your brain and muscles. After that, the body will release endorphins which are also known as runner’s highs, which are the sensations felt after exercising. Runner’s high is the intense euphoric feeling experienced by runners during or after a strenuous exercise.

4. Increase Confidence

A weak body is the cause of your lack of exercise. Concentration will also decrease and as a result the work will take longer to complete. Running in the morning can also solve problems and make you more agile in completing all work. Routine running in the morning will also make you excited among work colleagues. That way, you can be better prepared to provide input to them, even your boss. The point is the readiness that is owned by people who regularly run in the morning will cause a feeling of high self-confidence as well.

5. Increase Creativity

The benefits of running for mental health that are less important are increasing creativity. When you run in the morning, the increase in endorphins in the body will be in line with the decrease in cortisol levels which is the stress hormone. The feeling of comfort that arises when cortisol levels decrease is what will help the brain in increasing creativity and cognitive function of the brain. Running gets your heart pumping and is thought to increase creativity.