Annual Bodily Exams

Purpose Of Bodily Examination

physical examination

What’s Bodily Examination?

Your PCP will also check your top, weight, and pulse (whether it’s too sluggish or too quick). Your PCP may even use a technique generally known as “percussion,” which involves tapping the physique like it’s a drum.

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General health checks, together with physical examinations performed when the patient reported no health issues, often embrace medical screening for widespread conditions, corresponding to high blood pressure. These are usually performed by a pediatrician, household practice physician, doctor assistant, a certified nurse practitioner or different main care supplier. This routine physical examination usually includes the HEENT analysis. Nursing professionals corresponding to Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurses can develop a baseline evaluation to establish normal versus irregular findings. If necessary, the patient could also be despatched to a medical specialist for further, extra detailed examinations.

physical examination

This approach helps your PCP uncover fluid in areas where it shouldn’t be, as well as find the borders, consistency, and dimension of organs. Next, they may have you ever lie down and can really feel your stomach and other elements of your physique. When doing this, your PCP is inspecting the consistency, location, dimension, tenderness, and texture of your individual organs.