Importance in Maintaining Brain Health

Maintaining brain health from an early age is very important. A healthy brain will help you work well and increase productivity. Conversely, a brain that is senile or often forgets will inhibit activity. Senile is one of the most common health problems in the world community. Dementia is a serious problem because it can lead to dependence on others and lead to complications such as depression. Some of the symptoms of dementia are difficulty remembering names or events, difficulty doing activities, and difficulty focusing and concentrating. So far, there is no effective way to cure dementia. The following are important in maintaining brain health:

Brain Health

Stay Away from Alcohol

To maintain brain health, alcoholic beverages need to be avoided. Because, alcohol is toxic or toxic to brain cells. The risk of brain damage will increase if you have a habit of drinking alcoholic beverages. Therefore, avoid alcohol in order to keep brain cells healthy.

Exercise Routine

Dementia is associated with heart and blood vessel problems. Therefore, people who have cardiovascular disease are relatively more prone to senility. One way to reduce the risk of this disease is to exercise regularly. Several studies have also shown that exercise can be a way to maintain the health of the brain’s nerve cells. The benefits of exercise can also help maintain an ideal body weight.

Quit Smoking

If you want to maintain brain health, it’s better to stay away from cigarettes. Cigarettes are proven to reduce cognitive abilities and affect brain health. In addition, the dangers of smoking can also increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. Quitting smoking can be the first step to a healthy brain.

Avoiding Free Radicals

Free radicals can have a negative impact on the health of the body, including the brain. So, it is very important to avoid free radicals as much as possible. Where do free radicals come from? Forms of free radicals can come from cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust which cause air pollution.

Increase Consumption of Good Fats

Eating foods that contain good fats is important to increase consumption of good fats. It is undeniable, a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet can help keep brain cells healthy. Start by eating more fruits and vegetables, and consuming sources of healthy fats such as corn oil and olive oil.

Eat more fish

Apart from good fats, you also need to increase your consumption of fish so that your brain is healthy. Various studies prove, regularly consuming fish can prevent memory or memory decline. Various types of fish also contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and protein which are good for overall body health.